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Payroll Processing

  1. How long does it take to setup the payroll? Payroll setup can be completed in as little as one business day once all required information is provided.  Some features, such as direct deposit, can take longer to set up.
  2. When do I need to have my payroll information submitted by? For direct deposit payrolls, your information must be submitted by 10:00 am 2 days prior to your check date.  For paper checks, payroll must be submitted by 3:00 pm 1 day prior to your check date.  Paper check payrolls can be processed on the same day, but it is not recommended.
  3. How do I submit my payroll? You can submit payroll in multiple ways.  The most common are manually using a Data Entry Worksheet submitted via fax or email or through our online portal.  You may also call in or drop off your payroll information.
  4. What happens if an employee loses their check?You can issue a replacement check from your checkbook for the net amount and provide us with the check number, or we can issue a new check.
  5. What do I need to do to setup direct deposit? Contact your bank to determine their policies, fees and requirements.  We will then communicate with your bank to get the direct deposit set up with them.  All we need is a canceled check (not a deposit ticket) from each employee who would like direct deposit.
  6. I terminated someone and want to give them their check right away- can I do this? We can either immediately issue a check for them or provide you with the net amount of the check and you can write a check immediately from your checkbook.
  7. I made an error on an employee’s check, how do I correct this? We can either issue a new check and void the incorrect one, or make the appropriate adjustments on their next check.
  8. I want to give my employees a bonus, how can I do that? You can either include this on their regular payroll check or issue them a separate check for the amount of the bonus.
  9. What happens if my payroll check date is on a holiday? We can process your payroll with your regular check date or you can change your check date.
  10. How is the payroll delivered? You can receive all your payroll information and reports online through our secure portal, you can pick it up, or we can mail it to you via United States Postal Service or FedEx.