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424 N. Riverfront Dr., Suite 310
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (507) 625-2526
Fax: (507) 388-9977

Our Values

MD Advisors Group is committed to outstanding customer service. Each client is assigned a Certified Public Accountant in charge of their account. We strive to understand each client’s specific needs to provide them services that will help them accomplish their goals.

To achieve this, we created the iReach method to develop and practice the following core values, and we continually ask ourselves, "Did iReach today to provide outstanding customer service?".

Integrity is honesty, openness, and demonstrating mutual respect and trust in others. We will demonstrate integrity by upholding high ethical standards and conducting business in a manner that reflects well upon the reputation of the company and our clients.

Respect will be granted to all clients and will be extended beyond to include respect of our clients’ private and personal information.

Education is vital to providing the highest level of service. As members of the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants, we dedicate significant time for continuing education to ensure our staff is well educated on changes in tax law to keep up with new rules and regulations in the financial, accounting and business world.

Agility is our ability to respond to change rapidly and accurately without losing vision of our mission and values. The ever changing trends of the industry and its ups and downs require agile actions by us to ensure our clients are in control of their financial health.

Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Without the satisfaction of our clients, we wouldn’t be in business. Our clients are the foundation of our company and we promise to uphold the highest level of service throughout our professional relationship.

Honesty is key to every relationship. We will provide honest, straightforward information to all our clients in order to create and preserve long lasting relationships while maintaining your financial health.